Since 1990, Dong-A Industrial Machinery Co,.Ltd supplies cleaning industrial equipment with “customized”
    for the customers based on environment, human and technology convergence,

    Also, all “Standard” washing machines that clean from small components to the very large parts were
    registered as “patent”, "CE"  and we have production line and after-Sales Service system to meet diverse needs of

    We develop and produce washing machine that is effcient and accurate for the process and completely
    harmless to humans.
    Also, we pursue “A company that cares about the environment”, “A company that is trusted by the company”
    and “A company that provides the excellent quality” with accumulated technology and creative mind.

    Thank you for your continuous support.
    C.E.O Byeongwun, LeeByeongwun, Lee
    Environment, Human and Technology
    Echo-friendly Products
    Technology for the Human
    Best quality, Best Solution