• Auto Door
    • Take in-Takeout Manualy
    • Rotating Nozzle
    • SPRAY
    • AIR
    DOOR Closed
    DOOR Open

    ● Operate cleaning -> Air blow consecutively by jet injection with a large amount of hot water, and finish cleaning
        and remove moisture immediately
    ● Rotating nozzle is run by motor and it is easy to operate by converting appropriate speed for cleaning and to
        carry Table because it can be arrayed in horizontal alignment
    ● Maintain optimal cleaning status by managing washed water tank from outside

    ⊙ Converted to the dedicated washing device when mounting dedicated nozzle and JIG

    Model JW-970·SA JW-1170·SA JW-1370·SA JW-1570·SA
    Weight of the Uaxhnum Value of Cteanmg Reagent Ø970 x 600H x 250kg Ø1170 x 700H x 500kg Ø1370 x 800H x 1000kg Ø1570 x 900H x 1500kg
    Pump Output Pressure 250 LPM  /   0.5~0.8 MPa 300 LPM   /   0.5~0.8 MPa 400 LPM  /  0.5~0.8 MPa 450 LPM   /  0.5~0.8 MPa
    Pomp Motor 7.5kW 7.5kW 11kW 11kW
    Heater Capacity 10kW x 3 = 30kW 10kW x 3 = 30kW 10kW x 4 = 40kW 10kW x 4 = 40kW
    Tank Capacity 340 L 440 L 550 L 670 L
    Air Blow Pressure 5.2 m3/min ,  0.5 MPa 5.7 m3/min ,  0.5 MPa 6.1 m3/min ,  0.5 MPa 6.6 m3/min ,  0.5 MPa
    Electric Capacity 3Phase 39kW 3Phase 39kW 3Phase 53kW 3Phase 53kW
    Machinery Size 2500(W) x 2800(D) x 3300(H) 2700(W) x 3200(D) x 3600(H) 2900(W) x 3600(D) x 3800(H) 3100(W) x 4000(D) x 4100(H)