• Air Bubble
    • RINSE
    • AIR

    ● If the basket is loaded in a carry-in conveyor, the basket is carried and taken in by operating transfer carrier
        and clean / dry and then transfer to the conveyor
    ● Because automatic open and close door system that opens onfy during transport of basket is mounted on the
        top of the washed water tan、it prevents to insert foreign material and loss heat during cleaning to the fullest
    ● Fluid like a rinse that is supplied by automatic supply system is overflown to the ultrasonic waves, which is easy
        to exchange / manage /refill the cleaning fluid

    Electric Capacity Ultrasonic Waves Ultrasonic Heater Hot Air Blower Inlet and Exhaust Conveyor Dust Collector
    3Phase 50kW 1200W x 28kHz
    2set (1Ø x 220V)
    10kW - 3set 14.6kW
    (Heater 14kW + Blower 0.6kW)
    0.2kW = 2EA 0.75kW (12 m3/min
    x 230 mmAq)
    Circulating Pump Circulating Filter Ultrasonic Tank Rinse Tank Air Bubble Tank Supply Tank
    0.75kW = 3EA 50μm x 2P 220 L 240 L 240 L 410 L
    Lift Cylinder Transfer Cylinder Grip Cylinder Door Cylinder Basket Size Machinery Size
    Ø50 x 500ST Ø63 x 700ST Ø63 x 75ST Ø40 x 250ST 300(W) x 250(D)
    x 200(H)
    6500(W) x 2200(D)
    x 2800(H)